Gretchen Roufs is a public relations, communications, and public involvement
consultant.  She also teaches swimming lessons on the weekends, because
she is passionate about water safety.  And, the school lunch essay is a
bi-product of the business writing/communications seminars that she teaches.
Gretchen is an American Red Cross certified
Water Safety Instructor, and teaches
swimming lessons at the Barshop Jewish
Community Center in San Antonio, Texas.
School lunch
Why "school lunch"?  When
Gretchen teaches a business
communication seminar,  she asks
participants to write an on-the-spot
essay about a topic near and dear to
everybody's heart:  school lunches.   
Here's Gretchen's own essay on
school lunch in Winsted, Minnesota.   
Gretchen has done watercolor paintings for
friends and family for years. In early 2012,
she took her artwork to public places.  
Gretchen is an artist of the folk art genre
("folk art" refers to artwork done by people
who have had no formal training).  

For examples of Gretchen's artwork,
please go to her
Facebook artist page.
(c) Gretchen Roufs
All rights reserved.