Columns by Gretchen Roufs      
Gretchen Roufs writes the "Freetime" column for Sanitary Maintenance
magazine, a  Trade Press Publishing magazine launched in 1943 and the
original publication of the janitorial supply industry.   She has been writing this
column since October 2000.

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Recent Columns
A fish tale
The Kewalo Keiki Fishing
Conservancy teaches kids about
fishing and culture.
Minnesota winter = hockey
Hockey for grown-ups is a serious
Memorable moments
As Sanitary Maintenance magazine
celebrates its 70th, here are some of
my favorite moments from the past 13
Music, music, music
50 years of music and still doing gigs,
CDs, and making people happy.
192-mile bike ride and $4,300 for
cancer care and research.
A two-day bike-a-thon that raises
more money for charity than any other
single athletic fund raising event in the
Fly fishing.
Solitude, fly tying, technique, and
Car club junkie
Collecting classic cars and their stories.
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All rights reserved.
Delivering the goods A Pennsylvania
dad arranges for 4,000 pounds of goods
to be sent to Army Reserve son & his
friends in Afghanistan.
He'd rather be ice fishing Ice fishing
in Minnesota means tranquility,
comfort, and even food trucks.
Storm chasing  Severe weather is his
passion:  chasing storms and weather in
Believing in his political "edge"  A  
campaign and election as county
commissioner in North Carolina's
largest county.
"Thank you for the
wonderful article.  
Even my family was
Rowing A passion for all things rowing
and a long relationship with the West
Side Rowing Club in Buffalo.
"I finally got a copy of this
month’s magazine and read your
article about the storm chasing,
I thought it was great!!  Thank
you for doing such a wonderful
job, and writing the article. The
whole process was easy and very
fun to be a part of.

"It was great talking to you and
doing this interview, keep up the
amazing work!!"
"... you are the
best and I thank
you again it was
very kind of you to
do the article!!"
'Song Sung' Tribute An inside look at
fronting a Neil Diamond tribute band.
The Coyotes Carrying on a tradition that
goes back to college days.
Caroling The guy with the rolling
keyboard brings joy to senior