Gretchen Roufs (doing business as "Auxiliary Marketing Services") offers public relations,
public involvement, community outreach, and marketing communications services on a
long-term or project basis.  She is known for her ability to take technical or difficult
information and make it understandable for the average person.    

Gretchen is a proficient technical writer, editor, and manager; skilled in external
communications, key message development, and brand/image programs and protocol;
adept at making difficult subjects clear and easy to understand; a strong manager,
strategist, and leader.

She is experienced at interpreting and organizing complex projects and ideas; calm in
stressful situations; able to join a team and quickly get up to speed in the middle of a
project; excellent at doing difficult and unwieldy jobs; works well in sensitive settings;
known for having a strong public presence and is a poised public speaker; and trained
and experienced in disaster communications.
Services, strategies, and programs
  • Brand/image standards

  • Case studies

  • Communiqués for key clients

  • Community outreach

  • Corporate/organizational history
    research and compilation

  • Crisis communications

  • Data sheets

  • Design

  • Direct mail messaging (traditional
    and e-blast)

  • Disaster communications

  • Editing

  • Facilitation for groups and meetings

  • Fact sheets

  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked

  • Image and brand standards

  • Key messages

  • Marketing communications
  • Media outreach

  • Meeting planning and management

  • Press releases

  • Project management

  • Public relations

  • Quality assurance/quality control

  • Rebranding

  • Seminars and in-service training

  • Social media strategy and

  • Speech writing

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Style guides

  • Talking points

  • Technical writing

  • Website copy

  • White papers

  • Work plans
(c) Gretchen Roufs
All rights reserved.